Monday, May 7, 2018

Etched Mirror Backsplashes

Etched glass mirror is a practical alternative to the look of stainless steel in the kitchen when used as a backsplash. Created by taking  high-quality acid-etched glass that has a durable, glare-absorbing permanent etched finish; and taking it through a mirror-making process so that it has the glow of real silver from behind.

Acid-etched mirror is a beautiful look that can be tempered for extra toughness and resiliency to heat, making it work well behind cooktops and stoves. It is also easily cleanedof spatters and spills – a “magic eraser” cleans off everything from baked on spaghetti sauce to grease from the surface without harming the surface at all.

Acid-etched mirror offers a look that appears darker or lighter, depending just on the lighting from the room as you can see from the images shown here. Each of them look so different, and intriguing,…just begging you to come closer and touch to find out what it is. By the way, fingerprints are also something acid etched mirror happily handles well – unlike so much stainless steel.
Beautiful, durable, ethereal, and intriguing; what more do you want for a surfacing material? Which, by the way, is what also makes acid-etched mirror so sensible for a wide variety of commercial uses as well, like in elevators! 

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