Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Whether you are dreaming of a custom shower enclosure that is a stunning conversation starter or a fresh understated innovation, architecturalglassny is the place that you want to be.
 Our team of experts will work with your bathroom dreams offering ideas and suggestions to create your perfect bathroom –both in appearance and functionality.

We will provide you with detailed information from your first question at the start, followed the communication of possible options and designs, and finally by efficient and expert installation performed exactly as discussed for your custom shower enclosure project.

You can count on the team at architecturalglassny,  to listen to what you want and come up with the best possible plan to implement your dream while giving you the highest quality products at the best price. Whether you want a sleek in-line shower, a decorative dimensional neo-angle shower, or a unique geometric 90-degree shower, we will deliver the look you want, with superior customer service, all warrantied to give you peace of mind and satisfaction.

We also guarantee the installation of each custom shower enclosure and will repair or replace any defective glass or hardware, at our expense.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Glass Shelves For Back Bar

Steel is extensively utilized in the sphere of commercial shelving and you can convert walls and the large space above the ground into valuable storage shelving.

When space has merged the requirement to move to larger, more costly premises is averted and worker efficiency increases. Inventory accounting is simpler and the issue of over-buying and missing things disappear. Steel commercial shelving is made from commercial grade steel of the maximum tier and can withstand abrupt climate change and extreme temperatures.
This is vital as the storage shelving is subjected to the air outside if the warehouse doors are open. Steel commercial shelving is used in storage rooms, office desks, warehouses, factories and in the retail industry.

Open back commercial shelving does not have a rear and this gives simple access to stored items from either side of the unit. 
These storage shelving units have a steel frame and this affirms the shelves. The gauge of steel used to construct the shelving dictates the strength that a specific unit will have the ability to support. Boxes and crates that have to be prepared for quick accessibility are usually stored on open rear shelving made from industrial strength steel gauge.
Open back commercial and industrial shelving is a very excellent supply of horizontal space as the units are usually taller than their width.
 In offices smaller metal shelving units are utilized to keep stationery and hefty boxes of documents.

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